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The enigmatic producers, SHLVES, strives to test the bounds of immersive performances through audiovisuals.
Seeming to have appeared out of sheer thin air, the POC-led collective hailing from New York, crafts genre-bending sounds intended for a futuristic runway experience.
SHLVES are carefully carving space for themselves, and causing disruption - having already performed alongside GFOTY, with just an EP and two singles in their discography.

In a time where musicians and partygoers are aching to get back into irl stages, SHLVES are in no rush. Instead, they’re focused on raising music experiences to the next level and they know it will take time.
And upon hearing their compositions, next level is only fitting.

In conversation with the collective, we briefly discussed upcoming merch, and the wide array of influences that make up the sound of SHLVES.

* The elusiveness of your identities is intriguing - why do you decide not to reveal yourselves?

* You’ve stated wanting to work with designers - does this mean we can look forward merch or fashion in the upcoming future?

SHLVES: Yes. We’re terribly excited to work on our merch. We’re also always looking to work with new designers. We see no distinctions between the mediums of art. We’re excited about to explore the connection between textures, textiles, sounds, and emotions.

* Where does SHVLES feel the future of music is heading into?

SHLVES: Hopefully people can be inspired to use the new advancements in technology in a musical way. Also a lot more collaboration.

* There’s both futuristic, and nostalgic, yet distinctive elements to your music. What are some factors that have helped shape the sound of SHLVES?

SHLVES: We have many influences. Many of our influences don’t come from electronic music; even though that’s the “genre” we’re usually thrown into. We usually draw our inspiration from films. The visuals helps paint a picture for what things should sound like.


* It struck me when you guys said ‘music seems to be the one element of a runway show that isn’t specifically created for fashion itself.’Why do you think there exists this disconnect?
How do you strive to change this?

SHLVES: Designers [have] a million things to think about, and the music can get overlooked. We hope to fill that void.

* What's one thing you've all had to overcome within making music?

SHLVES: Being over-critical of our art !

* I must ask. And I know I'm not the only one anticipating! When can we expect F/W release!?

SHLVES: We might have something special coming soon, you’ll be the first to know. :)